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"The Salt Pepper Grinder Double Black adds a sophisticated touch to my dining table.”


“The VOTRE CHATEAU Salt Pepper Grinder Single Silver is a practical choice. The silver color is stylish, and it grinds spices effortlessly. Strikes a balance between aesthetics and functionality.”

Sleek and Efficient

“ VOTRE CHATEAU Salt Pepper Grinder Double Black is a solid addition to my kitchen. The double black design is sleek, and it grinds efficiently. A reliable choice for daily seasoning.”


Frequently Asked Questions: Addressing Common Queries and Concerns

How do I register for warranty on my VOTRE CH TEAU Salt and Pepper Grinder?

To register for warranty, please visit our "Register for Warranty" page on our website and follow the instructions provided.

Are the grinders in the VOTRE CH TEAU collection available for purchase on Amazon?

Yes, you can find our Salt and Pepper Grinder Collection on Amazon. Simply click on the "Buy Now" links next to each product on our website or visit our official store on Amazon.

Can I purchase replacement parts for my grinder?

We currently do not offer individual replacement parts. However, our grinders are designed with durability in mind, and if you encounter any issues, please contact our customer support for assistance.

How do I clean and maintain my Salt and Pepper Grinder?

For cleaning and maintenance instructions, please refer to the user manual included with your grinder. Generally, wiping the exterior with a damp cloth and avoiding submerging the grinder in water is recommended.

Are the grinders suitable for both salt and pepper?

Yes, our grinders are versatile and suitable for both salt and pepper. The adjustable grinding mechanisms allow you to choose the coarseness of your grind.